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Boater Education

WA State

As of January 1, 2023, 36 states, including Washington state, require boaters and users of personal watercraft to complete a Boater Education Course. 

Upon completing the course, applicants submit their course certificate, an application, and a $10.00 fee to the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

Once the application is processed, the state issues the
Boater Education Card, which must be on board the vessel and available for inspection upon request by enforcement officers. Failure to produce the card in states that require it may result in a fine.

The Boater Education Card does not have an expiration date, so there is no requirement for periodic renewal. States that mandate boater safety education will accept a Boater Education Card from other states that require it.

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Online Courses

The following are links to a free, state-approved, online boater education course and the one-page application you submit after completing the class.

1. Boat U.S. Foundation (Free)

2. WA State Boater Educations Card Application

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